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Cold email outreach platforms like Postaga are built specifically for this kind of emailing.
It’s important here to note that you should not try to use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Hubspot for cold emails. First - it violates their terms of service and if you get caught you will be banned by them. But, second, these platforms send out mass emails in email blasts, which tend to look unnatural to email servers (since it does not look like a human just sending another human an email, but rather, someone using software to send mass emails).
And, that can make it likely you end up in spam folders. For outreach emails and cold emails, email blasting is another practice that is likely to send your emails to the spam folder, damaging your email reputation. Email blasting is when you send out a single email to a large group of recipients simultaneously, without personalization or segmentation of lists.
While it may seem efficient to reach as many people as possible at once, ultimately, it does more harm than good.

Sydney,The other person is making an error. At account creation, that person would’ve been told the account name was “already taken” whether he used the dots or not. These are both recognized as the same address by Google, your address.He likely was forced to add numbers or another letter to complete registration of his new account.
Now he’s completely forgotten that and is submitting what he originally intended as his account, rather than what he was forced to create. Every time he does that, you will get the messages instead of him.Maybe he only made the mistake with Uber and McDonalds, so that’s why those are the only emails you’re getting in error.
That’s a plausible scenario. Several years ago, my Yahoo account was involved in a data breach. If I understand correctly, email addresses were harvested from my contact list even though my email address was not compromised. Yup. That’s traditional “From Spoofing”.

Therefore, in addition to studying the role of values in the initial design of technologies, there is a need to address the ongoing work involved in repairing and maintaining those values. This is particularly clear in the realm of Web technologies, which involve a multitude of explicit relationships to other systems, and since the advent of Web 2.0 increasingly follow a model of constant iterative development (O’Reilly 2005).

The ability to supplement and repurpose platforms has been one of the great sources of promise in analyses of Web 2.0 (Schäfer 2011; Shirky 2008). Nonetheless, developers who build upon platforms work with an awareness that the foundations upon which they rely may be changed or deprecated suddenly, requiring unexpected work to maintain or repair core functions.
Addressing the maintenance and repair of values in technology reframes those values as “contingent and ongoing accomplishments” (Houston et al. 2016). This draws attention to variety of external pressures that can constrain values over the duration of an artifact.

Here are the four main tenets that will constitute its primary focus in the coming year. Customers are starting to become more curious and suspicious and the only way to succeed in this kind of an environment is to shift the marketing objective from selling to helping.
Through blogging initiatives, digital marketers have already begun to help consumers. Producing creative content that is relevant, original, engaging, irresistible and appealing to your user base is the key. Once users interact with your content, it should leave them with no choice but to share it, post it on their walls, like it, retweet it and more.
It's vital to go viral, and going viral means producing creative content that is contagious in nature. While there are many effective ways to drive traffic to a website, the power of email marketing just cannot be ignored. With email marketing, you can update customers on company news, new deals and promotions.
You can coerce your target audience to visit your website more often by including prominent links to your website in your emails.

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