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Sometimes the utensils we utilize to groom our hair are not used in the very best fashion. For example, when your hair is wet, do not use the fine tooth end of the comb. Utilize a broad-toothed comb instead as it'll manage the snarls and tangles better. Spraying on a detangler will also help as this can diminish the probability of losing more hair when you comb it. When your hair is dry and if your hair is in a natural state or curly, using the fine tooth portion of the comb may be devastating as it will rip out your hair. In this case, the broad-toothed comb continues to be the better option as less hair will comb out.

When you get out of the shower and your hair is wet, don't dry your hair roughly with your towel. This will further tear and rip your hair out, and you will see signs of this in the nap of the towel full of hair that should have been made on your own head. When you try this method instead of combing from top to bottom, you'll detect less hair combing out.